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Ashdown has reorganized their North American distribution network, and at this time our status as a warranty service provider is uncertain. However, we are still listed on their website, so that's a good sign.

If you need in-warranty service, we recommend that you contact the current US distributor for repair authorization:

EMD Music
1277 Heil Quaker Blvd
Lavergne TN 37086
Telephone: (615) 793-8787


For in-warranty or post-warranty service, please print the Service Order Form.  Fill in the information requested on the form and send or take it to the service center. Be sure to indicate the Repair Authorization number on the form.  See the FAQ for more information.

Warranty repairs may incur certain costs to the owner such as parts shipping expenses or bench test fees if the problem cannot be verified under test. Speakers will be inspected for evidence of excessive power or other abuse before warranty allowance is made.  Speaker failure must be due to a manufacturing defect in order for the failure to be covered under warranty. Tubes and speakers may have a shorter warranty than the circuit boards. Please read the FAQ and your equipment warranty.

Ashdown products are warranted to the original owner for one year from date of purchase. Warranty is non-transferable. Vacuum tubes are not included in warranty.

Ashdown website links:

Ashdown Home Page