Preston Electronics, LLC


Service order form for dealers

Use this form  (pdf) if you are sending us an item for repair from store stock or for a customer. Please use a separate form for EACH UNIT if you are sending more than one. It is a good idea to call and let us know you are sending the unit. Please see the Shipping Notes for information on packaging.

Payment terms must be arranged prior to the return of the repaired unit. Preferred payment is by Visa or Mastercard. Call us from a wired phone (not a cordless) to provide the information.

Following are the intended uses for fields on the form:

Dealer Tag # (Upper right corner): If you have an in-house tag or order number that you refer to, put it here.

Dealer info block: Enter your contact person's name along with the shipping address of your store.

Customer info block: We need to be able to contact the customer for questions about the nature of the problem they had with the unit. We will not discuss repair cost with the customer. If the unit is store stock, enter "STOCK" in the Owner field.

Item info: Enter the requested information, using special care to ensure the accuracy of the serial number.

Warranty/Non-Warranty: Please circle to indicate warranty status. If the unit is a customer unit in warranty, a good quality copy of the customer's purchase receipt must be included with the unit.  If the unit is not under warranty, please indicate an amount limit for which repair is pre-approved.  We will contact you if the cost of the repair is expected to exceed that amount.  Note that we will not contact you if the cost of the repair (not including return freight) is $100 or less.

Return insurance:  Enter the replacement cost of the item in case it is lost or damaged. If this happens, appropriate documentation supporting this value will be required.

Return to: Indicate whether we should return the unit to the dealer or directly to the owner.

Accessories: Please list any additional items enclosed that are separate from the main unit so we may be sure they are returned.

Physical damage: Note any missing parts, significant dents, scratches, or other damage not related to the repair. (This is to protect both of us.)

Complaint/Symptoms: Describe the nature of the problems and how to reproduce them. Please do not attempt to diagnose the cause.  We must be able to duplicate the symptoms and recognize them in order to diagnose and repair the unit. If the symptoms appear only under certain conditions (such as one channel), describe them and the control settings or actions needed to produce the symptoms.

The remainder of the form is for our notes. Don't put anything in the bottom section.