Preston Electronics, LLC


Thanks for your interest in us!

I am Neil Preston, owner and chief technologist of Preston Electronics. I have been 'doing electronics' since childhood, (over 40 years) and received my initial formal electronics training in a vocational education program in high school. (They still taught vacuum tubes at that time!)  I later completed an Associate's Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology through the Metropolitan Community Colleges (Longview Campus) in Kansas City MO. I have also completed most of the work toward a BSEET from Missouri Western State University, except for some liberal arts courses that never worked into my schedule. I am certified as a Certified Electronics Technician in Industrial Electronics by ISCET, hold an FCC General RadioTelephone license (formerly First Class) as well as Amateur Radio License callsign W´┐ŻNRP, and a Private Pilot license (currently inactive - no time to fly!).  For quite a few years I have operated the sound console for services at a local church. I play guitar and violin (when I have time), but am not a performer.

I have worked as an electronics technician since 1972,  servicing auto stereo, consumer audio, television, RF transmitters and receivers, computers and networks, industrial equipment and, of course, pro audio and music equipment. I spent a few years in industrial electronic component sales, supporting engineers and buyers at manufacturers of electronic equipment. I also taught Electronics Technology for 17 years. (One of my former students, John Tweedy, works with me part time.)  I established Preston Electronics in July 2000, when I became aware of an underserved market for pro audio equipment repair in the Kansas City area. We also operate a separate company, Presco, Inc., where we offer services for consulting design and manufacturing of industrial control devices. 

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