Preston Electronics, LLC


Intermittent dropout problems

One of the most common complaints we get is that the unit "cuts in and out" or may have no output at all. This can happen in guitar amps, mixers, keyboard amps and power amps, and about anything else with 1/4" jacks. When the equipment is put on the bench, it seems to work just fine.

The problem is due to oxidation (tarnish) on signal switch contacts in those jacks. The vibration during transport of the equipment breaks through the tarnish enough that the problem disappears for a little while, then returns as the tarnish grows back. A very good detailed description of the cause of the problem was provided to us courtesy of Mojo Musical Supply.

We recommend the use of Peavey's Funk Out to cure the problem. It contains a substance that breaks down the insulating properties of the tarnish and restores conductivity to the switch contacts. Check with your local Peavey dealer, or give us a call. It will cost you about $15 per can. It's a lot cheaper than having us do it!

The can comes with a little red plastic tube that inserts in the spray nozzle. It shoots stuff out the end, which doesn't really do much good in a jack. We've found it helpful to melt the end shut, then take a needle and poke holes in the sides of the end so the spray shoots out sideways. It doesn't take much - about as short a squirt as you can make. Then take any 1/4" plug and insert it a few times to exercise the contacts.