Preston Electronics, LLC



To obtain warranty service for your Orange product, please obtain a Repair Authorization by contacting Russel Blair of  Orange USA at  404-303-8196.  Be prepared to provide your product model number, serial number and a description of the symptoms. You may be required to fax a copy of your purchase invoice. Tell him you expect to send it to Preston Electronics for repair.

Once you have the RA number, pack the unit carefully in the original packaging if possible. If that is no longer available, see our notes on packaging of equipment. Print our Service order form and fill in the information requested and enclose it with the product, preferably in a label envelope.  Be sure and mark the RA number in large print on the outside of the box.  Ship or bring it to our facility.

For post-warranty service, an RA number is not required. Complete the service order form and ship it to us as described above.