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To obtain warranty service for Roland products, you must provide your original purchase receipt or a good copy.

NOTE: We do not perform repairs on Drum Trigger Pads (in or out of warranty). Certain other models of products cannot be serviced by us under warranty. (See the list below.)  Contact Roland Customer Service at 323-890-3700 or by email to arrange repairs.

For in-warranty or post-warranty service, please print the Service Order Form. Fill in the information requested on the form and send or take it to the service center. See the FAQ for more information..

Warranty repairs may incur certain costs to the owner such as parts shipping expenses or bench test fees if the problem cannot be verified under test. Tubes and speakers may have a shorter warranty than the circuit boards. Please read the FAQ and your equipment warranty.


Roland support website

Roland product warranty statement


For warranty services for the following products, contact Roland Customer Service  at 323-890-3700.

ALL Edirol Products.
ALL BOSS Compact and Twin Pedals
Micro-BR Digital Recorder
ALL FD Series High Hat Pedals
ALL PD and PDX Drum Pads
ALL CY Series Cymbals
ALL VH Series Cymbals
ALL DR Series Products
ALL DP Series Damper Pedals
ALL TU Series Tuners
AB-2 & AD-3 Pedals
ALL DM Series Monitors
ALL MA Series Monitors
ALL RT Series Drum Triggers
ALL FS Series Foot Switches
ALL FV Series Products
ALL DB Series Metronomes
ALL Micro Cube Series Amplifiers
ALL Cube Series Amplifiers
ALL Hardware Accessories