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Troubleshooting tips

Solving intermittent signal dropout/noise problems


Speaker selection and amplifier power ratings  "Hey Mick! We're cookin' now! The speakers are on fire!"

Meditations on Speaker Impedance - How to figure the total impedance of several cabs on the same amplifier.


Stayin' Alive - Don't get lit up the wrong way on stage!

An article on grounding, shock hazard and safety from Peavey


Technical links

Speaker power rating FAQ at JBL - More info about speakers and their power handling capacity. Question #4 answer describes several categories of speaker application. Category C corresponds to our article on speaker power.

Danger: Low Power - A detailed explanation of how an underpowered amplifier can damage speakers.

Peavey's page of technical notes

Sound System Interconnection - from Rane

Rane Audio technical notes library

Tubes - info from the Marshall website

The EV PA Bible - a 1979 guide from ElectroVoice on applying PA equipment.

Balanced Lines, Phantom Powering, Grounding, and Other Arcane Mysteries - A tutorial from the folks at Mackie Designs


Also of interest

The Blackburn Story (Part 1) - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6
A  fascinating film from the 1950s detailing the manufacturing process of Mullard tubes in Blackburn, England. (33-minutes total)


Just for fun

The Rane Pseudoacoustic Infector (Adobe Acrobat file) - The ULTIMATE effects processor!

Introducing the Crown Belch fire 6000 sux. (Adobe Acrobat file)



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