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VOX amplifiers are distributed in the United States by KORG USA.

To obtain warranty service for VOX amplifier products, you must provide your original purchase receipt or a good copy.

For in-warranty or post-warranty service, please print the Service Order Form. Fill in the information requested on the form and send or take it with your equipment to the service center. See the FAQ for more information.

Warranty repairs may incur certain costs to the owner such as parts shipping expenses or bench test fees if the problem cannot be verified under test. Tubes and speakers may have a shorter warranty than the circuit boards. Please read the FAQ and your equipment warranty.


VOX Home Page (U.K.)

VOX USA Home Page

VOX Warranty

The warranty does not cover :
i) Damage from physical abuse such as dropping the unit or impact from hard objects.
ii) Damage due to liquid contamination.
iii) Damage resulting from any use other than that it was intended for.
iv) Any unit that has been repaired or had an attempted repair made to it by unauthorized personnel.
v) Damage due to incorrect connection, connection to faulty equipment or connection to faulty or incorrect power supplies.
vi) Damage in transit as a result of inadequate packaging or protection.
vii) Damage to packaging including instrument/flight cases.