Preston Electronics, LLC


Limited warranty - Repair services

Parts and labor - 30 days
Limited to sections of circuitry repaired

Preston Electronics warrants that the components installed to repair the equipment will operate properly for a period of 30 days following delivery of the equipment to the customer. Preston Electronics will repair the equipment at no further expense for failures of the components installed by Preston Electronics.

This warranty does not cover failures in circuitry of the equipment that was not repaired. (For example, a power amplifier circuit repair warranty does not include later failure of the mixer or signal processing circuitry.) This warranty does not cover damage caused by connection of defective equipment such as damaged speakers or other abuse.

In the event that this equipment fails within the warranty period, please contact Preston Electronics for return instructions. The original repair invoice must accompany the equipment for claims under this warranty.

We make every effort to perform a complete repair of your equipment to restore it to its original operating condition. We use quality parts which we obtain from the original equipment manufacturer or reputable distributors.  We also try to be certain that the circuitry in which we install those parts is operating properly. 

However, since most equipment consists of a large number of small parts all interconnected, and there is no practical method of identifying a part which may fail in the near future, we can only have confidence in the parts that we actually supply and install, and hope that no other part fails and destroys the work we have performed. The only other option would be to replace all the parts in the equipment, which would be more expensive than buying a new item.

In some cases we may perform a service in the hope of avoiding the cost of replacing a major component such as a circuit board.  One example of this might be performing a re-initialization or 'factory reset' of a digital processor board which appears to cure the problem.  In these cases, if the initial service did not prevent the failure from reoccurring, we cannot be expected to cover under our warranty the cost of the replacement board or the additional labor required to replace it. Generally, we will try to advise you of such situations.

The warranty includes labor required to replace components that we originally installed, but may not include additional labor and parts required to restore the equipment to full operation, particularly if the new failure was caused by failure of parts that we did not install.

It should also be apparent that if, for example, we rebuild channel A of a stereo power amplifier, and later channel B fails, the repair of channel B would not be covered by our warranty.  In the same way, you wouldn't expect your mechanic who repaired the brakes on your car to also fix the transmission later!

Successful repair of intermittent issues (those that occur only once in a while) cannot be guaranteed, as they may appear to have been repaired only to reoccur sometime after the user picks up the equipment.  Diagnosis requires that the symptom be present.  If it does not appear long enough to track down, some general service can be performed but there can be no assurance that the problem has been resolved.

After completing the repair, it is up to you to thoroughly test the equipment within the 30 day period to be sure the problem is resolved.   The warranty does not apply several months later, even if you haven't turned it on!

Service labor warranties are always a touchy subject with the user, as they cannot be expected to cover the entire product in the same way that a manufacturer would cover a new product.  Ultimately, a service warranty must be based on and limited to whether or not the actual repair work performed was properly done with quality components.